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Civil service(IAS) has a distinctive appeal to young graduates when it comes to opting a career. Having different channels of service to the country, the Indian Administrative Service gives enormous scope to a young individual to shoulder the obligation of nation-building. 


A countless number of aspirants prefer and strive to enter into the Indian Administrative Services every year. However, just a good number of candidates are not able to keep up their initial zeal and then opt out of the competition after one or two tries. The grounds for this is not hard to seek. The absence of an instructor, good coaching and lack of help in offering the right orientation are a few reasons. This is where Vedhik IAS Academy comes into the picture.


Vedhik IAS Academy offers the most comprehensive and reliable IAS exam online coaching for all levels of t2he IAS exam, namely prelims, mains and interview. We endeavour to provide you with all-embracing knowledge to make you enter into the IAS. To achieve this, we take different approaches to achieve your dream by conducting various programs such as group discussions, communication skill and personality development training, face-to-face interviews, and more. Also, we provide online IAS coaching at a very affordable price having easy payment choices. 


Vedhik IAS Academy IAS course is a complete self-study package for the IAS exam. It aids all those students who are seeking guidance outside the regular coaching. Vedhik IAS Academy was launched with a vision of high-quality yet affordable online education, accenting on self-study.


Salient Features of IAS coaching at Vedhik IAS Academy:


Proficient Instructors


Our adept instructors have extensive experience, following unique and tested pedagogy is working with us to share their wisdom. They are ready to explain everything to you in a detailed way. 


Comprehensive Learning Modules


Two thousand learning modules with comprehensive coverage of topics will be provided to you via email prior to the commencement of classes. 


Model Examinations


Model examinations(for prelims and mains)with quality evaluation opens up your best potential and improves your possibilities of selection. 


Animated Videos 


24*7 availability of 2000 animated videos with VFX, holograph and VFX for visual learning, according to the syllabus of UPSC.


Live Online Classes


Online IAS classes as a continuation to the animated videos, with in-detailed topic wise coverage of syllabus. The class duration is kept short, to improve communication between the instructor and student. 


Online Aptitude Test


This test is usually followed by in-detail student counselling.


Contact Classes


As a complement to the live online classes, students are supposed to attend contact classes(50 hours) conducted at the state capitals. It is aimed at developing a conceptual knowledge base in students. 


PTA Meeting


PTA meetings are held every month with the parents, teachers and students.




Special counselling sessions are arranged for students who fall behind in studies, and personal counselling sessions are arranged for all students at Vedhik IAS Academy.


Group Discussions


Group discussions with peer learning group are arranged, in which you are supposed to discuss current affairs in relation to the syllabus of UPSC. You will get about 50 opportunities to speak in the group discussion in a year. We will upload the best discussion on our youtube channel. Thus you will get the benefits of peer to peer support. 


Yoga and Meditation Training


We also provide yoga and meditation training to all our students to improve memory, confidence and concentration. 


Communication Skill and Personality Development Training


We are one of the unique academies specialising in IAS coaching in Kochi, who provide communication skill and personality development training. 




High school, higher secondary, college students and professionals will get the chance to join IAS coaching with their regular studies- for the first time in India. 


Comprehensive Exam Exposure


50 mock interview sessions, face to face interview are arranged for each student, with board members who are eminent IAS/IPS officers, academicians and military officers. 


Exams Covered


A lot of IAS aspirants prepare for the KAS exam(Kerala Administrative Service) besides the IAS exam as well. Vedhik IAS Academy can be a boon for such aspirants due to some reasons. If a student enrols at Vedhik IAS Academy for IAS exam preparation, he/she don’t have to enrol at a separate coaching academy for KAS preparation. And aspirants can now achieve their KAS dreams with Vedhik IAS Academy without paying a hefty price! Also, we have devised exclusive study modules for the KAS and IAS exam. 


Affordable IAS Coaching in Kochi


When it comes to the fee for coaching at IAS coaching institutes in Kochi, nowadays, it can be up to a lakh of rupees. And most of the IAS aspirants who are dedicated enough can’t afford such a hefty fee. But high fees won’t be a matter of concern when you count on Vedhik IAS academy for IAS coaching. We offer quality learning modules, live online classes, timely support and guidance, model exams, mock interviews, at a much affordable fee. 


Vedhik IAS Academy accents on critical self-assessment of students. The IAS courses offered by us are chalked out and strategised in a manner that you can study the vast syllabus without any additional mental pressure of having paid a hefty fee. We provide multiple programmes targeted at IAS aspirants. And these programs are dovetailed to satisfy the particular needs of students. All of these programmes are delivered in superlative quality substantiating the fact that Vedhik IAS Academy offers the best IAS coaching in Kochi. 


Why Online IAS Coaching by Vedhik IAS Academy is a Smarter Way to Clear IAS exam?


There are two ways to prepare for an exam- the normal and smart way. In this fast-paced life, we have numerous tasks to do in a day and at times, we fall short of giving priority to our IAS exam preparation, which is quite natural. But this is something that you shouldn’t repeat, as consistency is the key to succeed in the IAS exam. Due to this, you should have a proper strategy, which is appropriate according to your time constraints and requirements. 


And a wise strategy for IAS exam preparation is online IAS coaching offered by Vedhik IAS Academy, which offers IAS coaching in 3 languages- English, Malayalam and Hindi. 


Numerous aspirants who dream of IAS are preferring technical means to complete their IAS preparation. This is because online preparation for the IAS exam is more affordable and convenient when compared to classroom coaching. The time schedule for coaching is much flexible as per your availability- regular IAS coaching has a fixed timing, whereas online IAS coaching is flexible.


It is not feasible for every IAS aspirant, particularly those with a job, to attend regular IAS coaching in another city. Added to that, it is not practicable for every IAS aspirant who lives in faraway areas to leave their homes and bear a large expense of travelling, shifting and then living in another city for coaching. And similar is the case with those who work, who have familial responsibilities or are preparing for other exams besides the IAS exam at once.


The IAS coaching provided by Vedhik IAS Academy is suitable for everyone, those aspirants who are after online IAS coaching to complete their IAS preparation or is unable to attend the regular coaching classes because of some reason.


Online IAS coaching allows you to prepare for IAS exams in a comfortable yet calm atmosphere from your home/office. You will be able to focus more as there’s no distraction. We offer one of the best IAS coaching online with regular handholding and meetings of teachers, students and parents. The most comprehensive online model exams by Vedhik IAS Academy goes a long way in identifying your weak areas which should be improved in advance. Model exams for Prelims and mains provide you with the chance to compare your performance on an all-India basis. In fact, Vedhik IAS Academy strives to offer the most competent IAS coaching to IAS aspirants to help them fulfil their aspirations easier and sooner. 


IAS Academy in Kerala


Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Vedhik IAS Academy, the best IAS academy in Kerala:


Flexible: Vedhik IAS Academy gives you the chance to learn on your own schedule. As your IAS courses are online, you get to work when it’s convenient for you. It’s up to you to choose how coaching timing fits into your time. 


Learn From Anywhere: Indian students currently in the US, Europe or GCC countries can enrol and attend Vedhik online IAS classes from anywhere in this world. 


Study at Your Own Pace: Vedhik IAS coaching lets you take in what is being taught by our instructors at a pace suitable for you. You will be able to put in more time on those portions that are hard and less time to the areas you have understood. 


Personal feedback: You will receive personal feedback regarding your performance from our experts. 


Following Guidelines: Our peculiar characteristics is that we follow all the guidelines concerning online coaching from the British council, UNESCO, and rest of the International Regulatory bodies. 


Uniqueness: We are an exclusive IAS academy in Kerala, which creates study materials, model question papers and video modules using Hologram and Artificial Intelligence. 


A lot of students study better online: When compared to classroom coaching, a lot of students learn better online! Simply because you are looking at the board and is seated in a classroom doesn’t imply that you can’t study as much. Studies show that aspirants studied better online when compared to regular classes. The reason being that students are much comfortable and can cover everything at their own pace. 


Online students are more comfortable than regular students: You can communicate with the teachers and students where you will be more comfortable. If you face trouble speaking up in a class, settling for an IAS online course by Vedhik IAS Academy can be your best bet. You can meet your instructors and peer group without travelling anywhere. Build online relationships and self-assurance while you actually turn into an active person without showing up at a regular classroom.


Foundation Building: Study gradually after creating a solid foundation of what you have learned. After the basics are in place, covering advanced areas will be more easier.


Systematic schedule to complete syllabus: We offer a comprehensive study plan at the start of the batch to finish off the whole UPSC syllabus in a structured way. We make certain that you’ll get an excellent IAS exam preparation, regardless of the way of preparation you opt. We also make certain that studying and checking what you are studying should go hand in hand. Be exhaustively prepared for each level of the IAS exam you need to crack by regular online model exams.


With IAS online coaching, you can learn at your convenience and all you need is some dedication and a good internet connection. We at Vedhik IAS Academy makes certain that all these aforementioned parameters are fulfilled in our IAS Academy in Kerala. 



Best IAS Academy in Kerala


At one or the other stage, most of the aspirants has sought coaching for IAS exam. While an increasing number of aspirants are seeking online IAS coaching, Vedhik IAS Academy wants to provide you with the reasons why we are the best option for you, for online IAS coaching. 


Pattern and Structure 


The Indian Administration Service exam has a distinctive 3 part pattern which may seem overwhelming. The first stage, the prelims consist of two papers and is the initial screening test. The second stage consists of nine papers. Whereas, the third part is the interview or personality test consisting of eminent board members. 


Each stage needs a peculiar way of training as it carries valuable weightage. Our instructors, who are experienced teachers and even IAS officers who can guide and direct you in the right path by pointing what to learn and what is irrelevant. This is crucial, because of the vastness of UPSC syllabus. You will certainly benefit considerably from Vedhik IAS coaching Academy just because of the familiarity we will build for you with the civil services exam pattern. 


Time Management and Self Discipline


While studying, we all have a lot of excuses to give. And it’s a daunting task to stick to time. Whereas, our IAS program builds a discipline in you and provides a routine to follow. Attending online coaching classes regularly, doing homework in a timely manner, regular online model exams, previous year question paper practising goes a long way in time management. Added to that, you will get an idea of how to plan your studies so that you will be able to finish off the syllabus two months prior to the exam.


Motivation and Dedication


The CSE exam needs utmost focus and dedication. At times, it’s not completely feasible with regular classes. We have put forth fruitful and engaging learning strategies to keep you alert and engaged. You can anticipate our instructors to motivate you and make certain that you are up-to-date with the global events and current syllabus. An interactive, interesting classroom is a great way for IAS preparation. Besides, our mock interviews and online model exams encourage you to build on confidence and better yourself.


Exclusive Study Material


There is no dearth of study material in this digital era, but when it comes to the IAS exam, its essential to confine your studies to a few sources. If you believe that covering a lot of books will improve your possibilities of clearing the exam, then you are wrong. It’s not so. We prepare exclusive study materials and video modules for our students. This aids you to get the needed study material from an expert perspective. Such study materials are created after a rigorous analysis of the structure of the exam, the subjects in detail, last year’s question papers and more. This aids you to learn more important topics in a short span. 


Competitive Advantage Over Others


When attending online coaching sessions you will be more cognizant of your abilities in comparison to the rest. Many a time preparing all by alone can lead to a false perception of your readiness to take the civil services exam. When you interact with others, you can compare your notes and gain from each other in various manners. Peer comparison is the best way to groom aspirants and to score more.


About Vedhik IAS Academy


Vedhik IAS Academy has fostered a new path in IAS coaching in India. From live online classes to the learning modules, what we offer are completely tried and tested so that you can accent on what truly matters in your path to be an IAS officer. Our proficient faculty are not merely instructors, in fact, they have gone through every step of IAS preparations on dynamic personal levels. Excellent live online classes, coupled with the most intuitive and updated coverage of the whole syllabus, makes Vedhik IAS Academy a one-stop solution for all students. The key to succeeding in IAS exams is constant practise and we accent this necessity via regular online model exams and up to date learning modules. 


This rigorous and methodical approach has made Vedhik IAS Academy one of the flourishing IAS coaching academies in India. Our online IAS coaching program is revolutionising IAS coaching in Kochi. With an adept team, premium quality study material and tried and tested process, Vedhik IAS Academy prevails to offer the best IAS coaching in Kochi. 


If you are seeking support and guidance to prepare for IAS exams, get in touch with Vedhik IAS Academy today.

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    • Each programme consists of 2000 units of online classes (with videos and animations), 200 model examinations and 50 hours of contact classes. • Each student will get access to 2000 videos at any time and on demand. • Each student will get 2000 units of reading materials in advance ( one day before the class) • Contact classes will be conducted in all state capitals of India.

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