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If a career in administration is what you are seeking, then the Kerala Administrative Service exams can be your best bet. Vedhik IAS Academy is a platform that offers outstanding online coaching for KAS aspirants. The course at Vedhik IAS Academy includes online coaching sessions in multiple subjects such as Economics, History, Environmental studies, Art and Culture, Geography and more which are needed to clear the KAS exam. With extensive hours of in-depth online coaching, Vedhik makes certain that you are prepared well to appear for the exam. Our online coaching will systematically lead you through every aspect of each paper. 


We at Vedhik IAS Academy are dedicated to making certain that you are supported all round this entire endeavour and so is always there to assist you in any capacity we can. 

Our well-qualified instructors will guide you through the preparation times. Vedhik IAS Academy endeavours to ease your preparation with quality mentorship and in-detail study modules. 


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KAS Coaching in Ernakulam


If you are after a government job in the state where you reside, then this is a chance that you don’t want to miss out! To land a job in the very first attempt itself, it is suggested to enrol and attend the best KAS coaching in Ernakulam, as the Kerala Administrative Exam is not similar to the normal PSC examination. It calls for persistent preparation and substantial knowledge of all the concepts you have studied during high school. 


By simply going through the syllabus, you can understand the subjects to cover and prepare based on it. But, as KAS is a much competitive exam, seeking professional online coaching is a wise option. This can merely be achieved in an academy famed for its outstanding coaching and there’s one academy in Ernakulam, which is Vedhik IAS Academy. Vedhik IAS Academy is an institute that endeavours to offer high-end online coaching to help you fulfil your dreams of clearing the KAS exams with flying colours. 


We are one of the leading online coaching institutes in Ernakulam, which offers premium quality coaching for students for exams like the UPSC CSE exam besides the KAS exam. It is our persistent hard work, commitment and the reliability we have gained over a short span of time that have made us the best among the contenders. 


We have a coaching style in which the key concepts are instructed in a way that the aspirants understand the concepts in a proper way and become completely thorough with a topic. Our instructors are always ready to offer individualistic support for those who require it.


Since the Kerala Administrative Service exam is the prime exam that is to be conducted in our state, we understand the significance of the exam and offer KAS online coaching, which makes you handle the exam with ease. Some of the factors which makes us different from the rest:

  • Highly experienced instructors: We provide high-quality instruction online. Our instructors are reputed academicians and personalities.
  • Online mock tests: We conduct online mock tests so that you can prepare for the exams well. The tests are conducted as per the KAS syllabus. 
  • Short classes to ensure more communication between the instructor and students.
  • Affordability: We provide premium quality online coaching at a comparatively low cost.
  • Dedicated study modules: Study modules can be accessed with a click. We also provide dedicated study modules to each student to assure a problem-free and easier understanding of formulas and methods, which turn the course even more simpler. You can access them from your mobile phone/laptop/tablet.
  • Exams held at regular intervals: To make you up-to-date and to make you prepare for the exam, we conduct exams regularly and ensure that you crack the upcoming exam.
  • Stress-free environment to attain utmost knowledge.
  • High-quality videos: Our objective is to offer high quality and effective coaching.
  • Comprehensive coverage for all levels of KAS: We provide 2 courses intended for KAS exam, which includes KAS Prelims and KAS Mains. 
  • Regular feedback to students by the instructors: This will help you realise your mistakes and rectify them. When you choose Vedhik KAS online coaching, it’s simpler to track and analyse your progress. Our regular feedback helps you determine your pace, preciseness and find out the areas where you need to improve. 
  • Study anywhere, anytime: Students can attend the KAS online coaching from anywhere in the world, anytime. The online coaching timing is much convenient for students and working professionals alike. You can save the time of travelling to do something productive. And those who come from remote areas can especially get benefitted by choosing KAS online coaching. 
  • Learn at your own pace: As you are not attending offline classes, you can learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home. In fact, this is one of the biggest benefits of Vedhik KAS online coaching. You can learn at your own pace, take your time to understand the topic and content. You can make a study schedule that suits your learning pace and gradually start accomplishing the targets. 
  • Coaching in three languages-English, malayalam and hindi.
  • Convenience: Both school and college students can undergo KAS online coaching along with their school/college studies.
  • Comprehensive coverage: We provide in-depth coverage of KAS prelims and mains.
  • Mentorship and guidance: Vedhik IAS Academy offers you a facility to get you prepared for all the levels of KAS with professional guidance. Instructors are able to reach out to you in a much better manner and offer them one-to-one guidance. 
  • Mock interviews: For the mock interviews, you will be interviewed by expert panel members. Besides mock interviews, you will also get the privilege of personality development programmes. 
  • No distraction: KAS online coaching allows you to prepare for KAS in a snug and calm environment, from your home or office. It comes with less distractions, which helps you to concentrate more. What’s more? You can access the online study modules and online tests from our website!


KAS Coaching in Kerala


One of the key problems that students who prepare for the KAS exam typically face is the uncertainty and lack of focus on whether or not they’re moving in the right path. Preparation for KAS exam entails having acquaintance with the exam pattern well in advance. And needless to say, to purchase the books typically recommended for the KAS exam. The golden rule when it comes to studying for KAS exam is to entirely familiarise with the KAS syllabus. KAS preparation calls for immense sincerity, seriousness and commitment from your part to crack the exam with a broad syllabus.


Vedhik IAS Academy is an institute begun by civil service trainers to provide quality coaching to KAS aspirants. The Kerala Administrative Exam is alike the Deputy Collector exam in terms of standard, and a bit less difficult when compared to the UPSC CSE exam, however is much higher standard when compared to the PSC exams. So proper guidance is needed plus great coverage of the syllabus, like that of the UPSC CSE prelims syllabus. And we at Vedhik IAS Academy offer that guidance and support. 


Our KAS course is designed for freshers and working people. You can choose from either regular or weekend classes according to your convenience. 


Role of KAS Online Coaching(at the start) in preparation


KAS online coaching is vital, as it will show you the right path for KAS exam preparation. To someone who is beginning anew, the KAS exam can seem as a maze having a lot of rules and stages. It is here in which the best KAS coaching in Kerala, Vedhik IAS academy comes into the fore. We will aid every aspirant who counts on us to know the KAS exam process like offering a map of the maze that will guide the aspirant to achieve their dream. 


The preparation for the KAS exam merely begins with getting a grasp of the KAS exam process. The secret to crack the KAS exam with flying colours remains in the syllabus of KAS- is extensive. But it’s feasible to cover every topic in KAS syllabus, when you have an idea of the priority topics. You need hand-holding to pick the topics which are equally important and are exam-oriented for KAS preparation.  


With right guidance, you can prepare for KAS with ease. You need instructors with years of experience in keeping an eye on the KAS trends. Again, this is where Vedhik IAS Academy comes into play. Our instructors have extensive experience in civil services coaching, making them focus on analysing each topic in the syllabus. With your dream of administration and our experience in coaching, we can guarantee you success for the Kerala Administrative Service Exam. 


There are numerous institutes for KAS coaching in Kerala, but Vedhik IAS Academy is renowned for its quality KAS coaching beginning from the basics onwards. This made us the best KAS online coaching academies in Kerala. We aspire to see our students emerge with flying colours and to be a part of their success story. 


In fact, online coaching is the key to KAS preparation. Added to that, coaching improves your possibilities to clear the exam and to make you successful. But it is the aspirant’s preference, whether to opt for it or not. And coaching smartly lowers your study load by providing exactly what to cover. Coaching gives you a crisp study of exam patterns. However, don’t overlook the fact that no one can assure your success. Coaching offers you with all you need to crack the examination. From coaching to support, it provides just everything!


Why Should You Join Vedhik IAS Academy for KAS Online Coaching?


Vedhik IAS Academy was started in the year 2020, with the encouragement and support of numerous eminent retired IAS, IPS officers. Vedhik is ardent about its success, right from its inception and prevails to be a successful academy in the field of competitive examinations. We provide coaching, by maintaining the uniformity of study modules, topic wise tests and online class schedules. 


First of all, KAS classroom coaching typically has a fixed timing in a day, which you need to follow. Whereas, KAS online coaching by Vedhik IAS Academy has flexible timing. It gives you a complete leverage of time flexibility. It gives you a pleasure of convenience. Neither you don’t have to travel to a particular place for coaching. Which means you will save money, time and effort and spend it for your preparation. 


Also, you can watch it wherever you want, at whatever time without any hassle. This is not the case of offline KAS coaching- you are supposed to show up at the coaching centre on the time and place set beforehand. Also, with online coaching for KAS, you will be left with more time for preparation and flexibility to watch the classes at the most convenient time. It is very much convenient for working people, who are responsible for other responsibilities as well or else attempting multiple exams at once. Also, flexible schedule of Vedhik KAS coaching is a boon for those who find it easy to study during morning, or late at night when the world is sleeping. 


KAS offline coaching costs a fortune. Whereas KAS online coaching, especially by Vedhik IAS Academy, is much inexpensive. Offline coaching is much more expensive than e-coaching. Sometimes, it may even be triple the amount of cost for online coaching.


Benefits of KAS online Coaching Over Offline Mode


These days, e-learning has changed a lot, made learning easier and utterly changed our lives for good. Before, students used to prepare for exams offline and spend a fortune for various expenditures, and it was neither a safe choice unlike online learning platforms. Online learning also makes certain that whatever is being studied by you remains in your mind for a long time. Also, when compared to offline coaching, online coaching is affordable, so it can be the best bet for those who can’t pay a large amount of fees. The sole expense you need to bear when it comes to Vedhik KAS online coaching is the course fee and for your internet connection. 


About Kerala Administrative Service(KAS)exam


The Kerala Administrative Service(KAS) is the civil services of Kerala. The exam is conducted by the Kerala Public Service Commission in three phases- Preliminary exam, main exam and final interview. Prelims of the KAS exam consist of two key papers with 200 marks total weightage. The papers are objective in nature. The mains exam consists of 3 papers, with 300 marks total weightage. The papers are descriptive in nature. The final stage carries 50 marks. 


For the prelims exams, expect:

Paper I General studies- 100 marks

Paper II General studies(part 1)- 50 marks

Paper II Language proficiency in Malayalam/Kannada/Tamil(part 2)- 30 marks

Paper II Language proficiency in English(part 2)- 20 minutes 


It is to be noted that the time duration for paper 1 and paper 2 is 90 minutes each. The number of questions asked is the same as the total marks for each paper. 

For the Mains exam, you can expect essay questions included in all the three papers-you can expect 100 questions from each paper which is to be solved within 2 hours each. Even though the questions are asked in english, you have the privilege to answer it either in malayalam or in english.

The final level-the interview stage gauges your mental calibre. 

When it comes to eligibility for KAS Exam, any Indian individual, with a bachelor’s degree in any stream from a UGC recognised university can appear for the KAS exam. For your graduation, your minimum marks need to be 50%. When it comes to stream 1, 21 and 32 years are the minimum and maximum age limits for this examination, 21 and 40 years for stream 2 and not beyond 50 years of age for stream 3. If you come from the SC/ST category, you will get 5 years of relaxation, and if you come from the OBC category, you will get 3 years of relaxation. 

The posts for which the KPSC is conducting this exam is for the KAS officer trainee stream-1, stream-2 and stream-3. 


How to Register For KAS Course at Vedhik IAS Academy?


  • Visit the website of Vedhik IAS Academy.
  • On the top right corner of the website, you will find the ‘’register now’’ button. Just select that option.
  • You will be directed to the registration page of Vedhik IAS Academy website. Fill in all your details and choose the programme you need(KAS prelims or KAS mains). 
  • Recheck all the filled-in details and click on proceed to payment.
  • Complete the payment, and you are done.


We are ready to start KAS online coaching. And how about you?

If you’re willing, then feel free to enrol at Vedhik IAS Academy, undergo coaching and crack KAS with ease. For more details, you can get in touch with us and we will get back to you at the earliest. 

  • Course Description

    • Each programme consists of 2000 units of online classes (with videos and animations), 200 model examinations and 50 hours of contact classes. • Each student will get access to 2000 videos at any time and on demand. • Each student will get 2000 units of reading materials in advance ( one day before the class) • Contact classes will be conducted in all state capitals of India.

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