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Vedhik IAS Academy is a unique learning platform for UPSC online coaching, inclusive of live online classes(with animated videos), learning modules, online model exams and more. Also, you will get a chance to learn from India’s topmost civil service trainers on your schedule, anywhere, anytime. The civil services trainers and topmost IAS officers offer UPSC online coaching of excellent, time-tested standards. 


Why Do You Need UPSC Online Coaching?


Want to crack the UPSC CSE Exam? With Vedhik UPSC online coaching, you can learn anywhere, anytime, which in turn saves you a lot of time. UPSC online coaching by Vedhik IAS Academy lets you prepare for the exam in a comfortable and calm atmosphere, from the comfort of your own home or even office and make you exam ready. 


Online coaching means no distraction, which goes a long way for better focus. Likewise, it is great for those who are working or shouldering family responsibilities or even those who are attempting multiple exams at once. Vedhik UPSC coaching makes it possible to give focused support to the students to prepare for the UPSC CSE exam and lets aspirants determine their strong and weak areas, which is not quite possible in actual classrooms. 


Online coaching for the UPSC CSE exam won’t lack in any sphere of the coaching sessions. Undoubtedly, preparing for the UPSC exam online with one of the topmost UPSC online coaching academies is a great choice. 



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Why is UPSC Online Coaching a Smarter Way to Clear UPSC CSE Exam? 


There are 2 key approaches to prepare for any exam- the normal way and the smart way. In this fast-paced life, we all have to fulfil boundless tasks every day and at times, we fall short of giving priority to our UPSC exam preparation. However, this can’t be reiterated as consistency is vital to crack the UPSC exam. Owing to that, you should have a unique strategy, best suited based on your time constraints and requirements. And one such best strategy is UPSC online coaching offered by Vedhik IAS Academy, which offers coaching in three languages- English, Malayalam and Hindi. 


A lot of aspirants are choosing technical means to prepare for the UPSC exam. The reason is that UPSC online coaching is much convenient and cheaper when compared to classroom coaching- our key benefit is affordability. We offer quality UPSC coaching with a fee of less than Rs 30000. Those students who clear prelims will be provided with a complete refund of the money as well as free-coaching for the UPSC mains and interview. Also, Vedhik UPSC online coaching is much cost-effective than the actual classrooms as there is no relocation or travelling to attend the UPSC CSE coaching classes. 


The UPSC online coaching by Vedhik IAS is ideal for anyone and everyone who are after online UPSC coaching to complete their UPSC CSE preparations or is not able to show up at the classroom because of some reason. 


Vedhik IAS Academy offers one of the best UPSC online coachings with grievances redressal mechanism and Parent-teacher association in place. A PTA meeting with parents, tutors and the student is held each month. Parents will also get personal feedback regarding their wards’ performance from experts so that students can identify their weak areas and continuously work towards improving them.


Also, at Vedhik IAS Academy, the class durations are shorter to maximise communication between the teacher and students. The instructors are ready to explain everything in detail to the students. 


Vedhik IAS academy endeavours to offer the most competent UPSC online coaching, helping you achieve your dreams sooner and easier.


Why Study With Vedhik?


Quality teaching is vital for an aspirant to make it through every level of the UPSC CSE exam. Self-preparation aids, however, it will be a time-taking process. These are some of the reasons why it’s worth it to join Vedhik IAS academy:


Best IAS Trainers


When you count on Vedhik IAS academy, you will get an opportunity to learn from some of India’s topmost civil service trainers. Attend classes, study, clear your academic and non-academic doubts, and receive guidance from instructors who are highly qualified and well experienced. 


Comprehensive UPSC CSE Preparation


We cover General studies(prelims and mains), CSAT, Current affairs, Essay and personality test preparation. 


 Learning Modules


Premium quality learning modules suitable to study anywhere and anytime. You will be provided with 2000 learning modules before the classes commence. 


Mock Interview Sessions


About 50 mock interview sessions for every student and one-to-one interview with seven board members, who are eminent IAS officers, military officers and academicians.


Personal Guidance


Weaker students have to attend a special counselling session, whereas all students have to attend a personal counselling session. 




Vedhik UPSC Online coaching lets aspirants the flexibility to keep studying or preparing for the UPSC exam. For the very first time in India, both school and college students get a chance to continue studying while attending the UPSC online coaching. 


Learn from Anywhere


Indian students from countries like the United States, GCC countries, Europe and rest of the countries of the world now get the privilege to undergo quality training at any time they like. 


Providing a unique learning experience to every student and that too at an affordable price is the intent that drives us. 


Vedhik UPSC Online Coaching- Key Highlights


Online Aptitude Test  


This test will be followed by comprehensive student counselling.


Vedhik Live Online Classes


Engaging live online classes by knowledgeable instructors. We offer a one-of-a-kind chance for visual learning both for UPSC prelims and mains exams. The experienced instructors here at Vedhik IAS Academy will guide you in the best possible way. 


Learning Modules


Comprehensive learning modules with complete coverage of theory. 2000 learning modules will be provided to you via email prior to the commencement of classes. 


Foundation Building


Study step-by-step, once having built a solid foundation of what you have learned. After the basics are in place, learning advanced topics will be much easier. 


Peer Learning Method


You will also get benefits from peer to peer support. 


Group Discussions


We conduct group discussions that involve peer groups based on the current affairs area of the UPSC syllabus. Per year, you will get about fifty chances to speak in the discussion and the best discussion will be uploaded in the academy’s youtube channel. 


Best UPSC Online Coaching


Attending UPSC online coaching sessions can be more advantageous for the UPSC CSE exam preparation in a place and time which makes the most sense to you and your strenuous life. 


Flexible Schedules


Due to time constraints, a lot of aspirants are not able to attend coaching sessions and try to fit themselves into the timing of coaching sessions, but we allow you to attend the online coaching as per your requirements. 


Vedhik IAS UPSC online coaching gives you a chance to study on your own time. Are you more of a morning person? Or a night person? When your coaching is via online, you will get to work, when it is right for you. Attend the classes at 1 AM or 1 PM. It’s completely your choice! Still, you have to complete all the work and meet every deadline, but when it comes to UPSC online coaching, it’s up to you to choose how the coaching class time fits into your time. 


Learn at your own pace


Ever attended a coaching session and realised that it’s boring as you already knew the UPSC material and syllabus? UPSC online coaching lets you study at a pace which is right for you. Put in more time to the portions which you find hard, whereas less amount of time for those you have already understood. 


Study Better Online Than in a Classroom


Simply because you aren’t looking at a whiteboard or sitting inside a classroom doesn’t imply that you can’t study as much. In fact, studies show that students study better online when compared to the traditional face-to-face class. Students can study much better online, as they are much more comfortable and can cover the syllabus at their own pace. 


Online model exams


The UPSC CSE exam preparation is a continuous process, in the course of which you need to assess your performance regularly. For that, our programmes have been provided with 200 online model exams. New UPSC pattern-based online model exams for both prelims and mains to get hands-on experience prior to the exam. You will also understand the relative position according to your performance in the test. Once you have attempted the exams, you can analyse them to find the weak areas and resolve your mistakes. 


Updated and Comprehensive Study Material


The nature of UPSC CSE has become much dynamic, so you need to be very updated with all the latest occurrences and various dimensions around them. We at Vedhik IAS academy make certain that our learning modules are comprehensive and updated to be on par with the UPSC standards. 


Students who learn online are much comfortable with class participation.


You can converse with the tutors and students where you seem more comfortable. If you face difficulty to speak up while in a classroom, then opting for UPSC online coaching can be your best bet. You can meet with your instructors and classmates from the privacy of your home. You can also build virtual relationships and own morale when you become active through UPSC online coaching without even having to attend traditional face-to-face classes. 


At Vedhik IAS, we will aid you to attain success via our virtual classroom. We provide you with online coaching, with extra additions, which lets you prepare online. 


What are the Programmes Offered by Vedhik IAS Academy?


A well-structured, result-oriented and aspirant centred online programme is the mainstay of our academic excellence. The integrated approach to the stages of the UPSC exam, besides the regular model exams and handholding by us, makes you systematically crack the UPSC CSE exam. Vedhik IAS Academy is offering four key online programmes for students from class 8 to an age limit of 32 years. Their one-time-fee of Rs 29,999 assures continuous UPSC online coaching until an aspirant reaches 32 years, which is also the upper age limit for the UPSC CSE exam. 


  • One Year Programme: This programme is designed for graduates from various streams. 
  • Two-year programme: This programme is designed for professional, degree and postgraduate students.
  • Four-year programme: This programme is designed for class 11 and 12 students.
  • Six-year programme: This programme is designed for class 8, 9 and 10 students.


Programme Timing:


Classes are often at a convenient time. The programme starts for most batches in the evening. This gives you enough time to study for the rest of the day. 


One year programme batch timings:

Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 2 PM

Monday to Saturday, from 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM

Saturday and Sunday, from 10:00 AM to 1 PM and 2 PM to 10 PM


Two-year programme timing:

Saturdays and Sundays, from 5:00 PM to 10:30 PM

Four-year programme timing:

Saturdays and Sundays, from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Six-year programme timing:

All Sundays from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM


They have a fixed fee of Rs 29999 and GST for the complete UPSC coaching (for prelims, mains and personality test) for all students. 


Each programme includes:

  • 2000 units of online classes(with videos and animations)
  • 50 hours of contact classes(at state capitals of India)
  • 200 model exams
  • 2000 videos(on demand)
  • 2000 modules of reading materials


Steps to Enrol for Vedhik UPSC Online Coaching


  • Visit the Official website of Vedhik IAS Academy.
  • On the homepage of the website, select ‘’courses’’ option.
  • You will find four programmes to choose from. Choose a programme and then register by providing your name, email address and phone number. 
  • You will be directed to the course registration page, where you have to provide complete details.
  • Complete the payment to unlock the programme of your choice.


Right from general studies preparation to interview preparation, Vedhik IAS academy has got you covered from every angle. And our dedicated instructors give utmost significance to evolve based on the changing necessities of the UPSC exam and focus on an aspirant-centric approach with maximum support and guidance, which has made it the best online coaching Academy in India. We endeavour to stand by you in your ups and downs until you emerge with flying colours. Embark on a journey to fulfil your dreams with the topmost UPSC online coaching institute in India.  

  • Course Description

    • Each programme consists of 2000 units of online classes (with videos and animations), 200 model examinations and 50 hours of contact classes. • Each student will get access to 2000 videos at any time and on demand. • Each student will get 2000 units of reading materials in advance ( one day before the class) • Contact classes will be conducted in all state capitals of India.

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