Civil Services Mains

Prepare Your UPSC Mains by practising answer writing as much as you can

The Mains paper is descriptive in nature, it is important that you give due time to answer writing in your UPSC Mains Preparation strategy. Whatever that you read, try to summarise in your own words at the end of the day. Dedicate each day to practice answer writing. And get your answers evaluated by your mentors Practice does make one perfect, hence practice answer writing as much as you can.

Give Regular Mock Tests.

Mock tests are important because it gives you an exam-feel, it prepares you to write your best answers in a stressful-exam situation. Think of it as an opportunity to understand the answer-writing process, to write brief succinct answers considering the demand of the questions.

So, this is how to prepare for UPSC Mains using the UPSC Mains Preparation strategy that we recommend. We have touched upon the UPSC Mains strategy for preparing after Prelims. Take inspiration to prepare your own strategy to crack the exam. Get in touch with our course counselors to get more information about our courses.

UPSC Main Answer Writing Tips

The mantra to the best UPSC Mains Strategy is rather incomplete without sharing the best answer-writing practices.

Vedhik Mains Test Series starts on 20 th June 2022 which would help you to do the best in answer writing under the leadership of Dr Prassannakumar IAS(President Samkalp Delhi), DR AlexanderJacob IPS and Amb. Vishnu Prakash IFS

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