When it comes to Civil services exam preparations, you can avail scores of courses in various online platforms. But it’s crucial to pick the right academy which helps you score more and excel your preparation. This is feasible when you join Vedhik IAS Academy for online IAS coaching.


Vedhik IAS Academy, the most Innovative online IAS academy, offers online classes to aspirants from class VIII to an age limit of 32 years with a one-time-registration fee of just Rs 29999, for all the programmes.


Led by India’s top retired IAS and IPS officers, the state-of-the-art program provides course material in 8 Indian Languages and is based on visual learning.


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The Academy offers a harmonious learning experience, aiding aspirants to crack the civil services exam.


Here’s why you should join Vedhik IAS academy to avail online IAS coaching:


  • Whether you are a school or college student, you will get the privilege to join online coaching at the academy in conjunction with your regular studies. Added to that, aspirants have a unique learning style and pace.
  • IAS training at Vedhik cost less than conventional IAS classes. They offer quality IAS training with a one-time registration fee of just Rs 29999 for all of the four programmes. Their one-time-fee assures continuous coaching until an IAS candidate reaches 32 years, which is also the IAS exam age limit. Added to that, students who crack the IAS prelims get a complete refund and free-of-cost training for IAS mains and interview.
  • The academy is devoted to offer magnificent coaching to students at a fair price. This fee, plus the GST, is applicable for IAS prelims, mains(only General studies and general essay) and Interview.
  • The academy provides coaching in three languages, such as English, Malayalam and Hindi. Vedhik IAS academy has experienced instructors who consistently teach in English, Malayalam and Hindi
  • Vedhik IAS academy is an exclusive online civil services training academy. Hologram, robotics and Artificial intelligence is implemented and enabled in learning.
  • The academy offers a novel chance for visual learning for UPSC prelims and mains.
  • Once you enrol and start online IAS coaching at Vedik IAS academy, you get a chance to learn from India’s topmost IAS instructors.
  • You can experience peer learning method. You get an edge from peer to peer support.
  • You can study at any given time at Vedhik IAS academy. All you need to do is, to log in with the credentials and commence your studies wherever you are.
  • Indian students from the US, Europe, GCC countries(Countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council) as well as all other countries across the world can enrol and undergo coaching at Vedhik IAS Academy, no matter the place or time.
  • Once the aptitude test conducted online, a detailed student counselling is provided.
  • The learning modules are sent via email before the commencement of classes.
  • They also stream over 2000 animated videos having VFX, holograph, graphics based on the syllabus.
  • Students can also attempt 200 online model exams beneficial for IAS prelims and mains.
  • Group discussions involving peer groups are conducted based on current affairs portion of the syllabus. In a year, you will get 50 opportunities to speak in the discussion.
  • Each student can attend about 50 mock interviews and a face-to-face interview with seven eminent board members.
  • PTA meeting with parents, student and tutors every month
  • The academy offers free coaching to CWSN and differently-abled students.
  • Students can also attend personality and employability skill development program as well as free online interview coaching classes.
  • Besides 50% scholarship for ST/SC students and special scholarship for children of ex-servicemen and military officers, students who belong to weaker sections and also for BPL students.
  • The Academy has now rolled out a Vedhik Erudite Scholarship Programme, guaranteeing coaching which is free-of-cost to economically backward brilliant IAS aspirants. This scholarship targets enrolment of 10,000 students over Kerala. A panel headed by the head of respective educational institutions will pick the beneficiaries.
  • The panel of trainers at Vedhik IAS academy includes Dr O P Minocha, Former Professor and Chairman of IIPA, Dr C V Ananda Bose, UN consultant, Prof N K Goyal, President of CMAI association and Santhosh george kulangara, founder and MD of Safari channel and many eminent guides.


Vedhik IAS academy offers four courses handled by multiple instructors to choose from:


One year programme- This programme is meant for graduates from various streams. Students can access this programme for a year.
Two-year programme-This programme is meant for Degree, Professional and postgraduate students. Students can access this programme for two years.
Four-year programme- This programme is meant for Class XI and XII students. Students can access this programme for four years.
Six-year programme-This programme is meant for Class VIII, IX and X students. Students can access this programme for six years.


One has to search for the programme and choose those offered by multiple instructors.


Each of the programmes includes:


  • 2000 units of online classes(with animations and videos). Upon demand, each student can access 2000 videos. Prior to the day in which classes start, each student gets 2000 modules of reading materials.
  • 50 hours of contact classes, typically conducted at all state capitals of India.
  • 200 Model exams.


To maximise interaction among instructors and aspirants, the class durations are kept short. They provide personal counselling for each of the students who are attending the course as well as special counselling for underachieving students. Parents can receive personal feedback from tutors regarding the performance of their child.

Online IAS training by Vedhik IAS academy is the way forward since they have a superior quality of instruction, the convenience of learning and flexibility amongst an array of other perks.